Tecma® Silence Standard

Technologically-advanced Tecma® toilets redefine the term “State of the Art.”

Tecma’s engineers were dedicated to excellence and had a mandate to challenge every rule. They reviewed every major component and refused to compromise on performance and quality. Then they added a dogged determination to meld beauty and functionality like never before.

The result: a macerating toilet system that surpasses both the status quo and all RV or boat limitations.

Features & Benefits

  • Amazing Turbine pump
    • Powerful, it immediately macerates and pushes waste directly to the holding tank
    • Yet extremely quiet
  • Remarkably elegant European styling
    • Sleek profile
    • Contemporary colors (white, beige or black) complement any bathroom décor
  • Solid porcelain base with molded plastic seat and cover blends elegance, comfort, functionality and durability
  • Solid-state, automatic flush cycle with wall-mounted control for easy, fingertip operation
  • Ecologically-friendly design minimizes water consumption and waste water

Silence Standard High Profile

  • Stands 18" tall

Silence Standard Low Profile

  • Stands 14" tall to fit smaller bathrooms

Silence Standard with Bidet

  • An exclusive European standard and the next level of elegance!
  • All the features of the Silence – with a built-in, manual bidet

Dealer and Service