Titan Sewer Hose Review by Customer John Croes

“The sewer hose I found and have been using for almost 3 months is the Titan by Thetford. In addition to the hose itself which is not easily crushed (even if stepped on), has an extended grip where you attach the hose to the coach’s plumbing which makes attachment a much easier task since it has nice ridges on it to make holding and twisting to lock an easy task. The 90 degree fitting and sewer adapter for attaching to the ground fitting is really neat. The 90 degree elbow fitting rotates to make alignment work like a charm. I guess one of the things I like the most is the gaskets on both ends. The gaskets have a unique design which makes dripping or leaks a thing of the past for me. In the past, I have had to use a water hose to wash out my bay area after dumping my tanks because of leaks in the connections. I have used the Titan hose for almost 3 months and have disconnected and reconnected it several times while wintering in Florida and have not had the first leak while draining my waste tanks. If you are considering replacing your sewer hose in the future, this product is worth looking into.”

–John Croes


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