A Company Built on Innovation, Quality and Customer Service

A 21st-century company, Norcold is proud of its rich 50-year history, from humble beginnings, through periods of rapid growth, to today’s position of industry leadership.

Norcold was founded October 21, 1959 in California to manufacture and sell specialty refrigerators to the RV and Marine industries.

As the recreational industry prospered, so did Norcold, rapidly growing from a small, family company to an industry “player” with unlimited potential.

In early 1963, the company was acquired by the Stolle Corporation, an Alcoa Company, and greatly expanded its refrigerator lines. To better supply customers in the Midwest and to handle rapid growth, Norcold moved to its current Sidney, Ohio, location in 1964 and began producing refrigerators there exclusively.

Sound business decisions helped Norcold weather industry downturns of the early 1970’s and late 1980’s.

Facing a major challenge when a competitor bought its primary supplier of cooling units in 1988, Norcold responded quickly and dynamically. Within a year, the company built a state-of-the-art cooling unit manufacturing plant in nearby Gettysburg, Ohio. In addition to satisfying Norcold’s needs, this facility produced higher quality products than its vendor had previously been supplying.

The attention to quality has helped Norcold sell more than three million refrigerators/freezers worldwide and rise to a position of industry leadership.

Norcold’s growth and innovation continues today, with the introduction of a feature like water-in-door Chilled Water Dispenser, and most recently the launch of the largest gas-absorption RV refrigerator ever — the PolarMAX RF™ 17-cubic foot refrigerator.

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