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ANN ARBOR, Mich. Ð Thetford Corporation will debut the Tecma Bathroom Anywhere in the United States at K/BIS in Atlanta, GA on May 1, 2009. The Tecma Bathroom Anywhere wastewater transfer system has had decades of following in Europe and now Thetford Corporation will bring this unique macerating technology to the USA based upon current demand for a home macerator system that can be placed anywhere. The company has adapted it to meet all US standards.

The Tecma Bathroom Anywhere is ideal for basements and other areas where gravity-reliant plumbing is not fully available. With capability of pumping wastewater up to 18′ vertically and 150′ horizontally, users can install a bathroom in virtually any room in their home. It is easy to install and ties into the main wastewater line, saving time, money and the hassle of breaking up the floor to install plumbing.

In todayÕs economic environment, many people are opting to remain in their present home and make the changes needed to adapt to changes in family size or need, including a first level bathroom for an elderly person or an additional bathroom in the basement. The Tecma Bathroom Anywhere by Thetford Corporation makes that additional bathroom a reality.

The Tecma Bathroom Anywhere has a powerful turbine macerator pump that resists clogs, yet operates quietly. The pump has a split feature for easy, trouble free maintenance and comes with a three-year warranty.

To see the Tecma Bathroom Anywhere, please stop by the Thetford Corporation booth at the K/BIS show, B3972 and talk to our knowledgeable product managers.

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