Improved SmartTote is Extra Convenient

RVers searching for the best portable waste tank should look to Thetford Corporation’s recently improved SmartToteª. This ingenious tank features complete emptying, a more rugged handle and sturdier, stronger wheels.

In a class by itself, this premium tote is completely self-contained so no parts or accessories are required to buy or store. It boasts up to 20% more capacity than competitive models, meaning fewer fill-ups, which saves time and effort.

SmartTote features the patented PermaStoreª Hose system, a self-storing sewer hose that stays connected to the tank to eliminate the need to carry and store another hose. With a cradle pivot, the hose easily extends up to 5′ for a quick and clean hook-up. A bayonet cap prevents spills. In addition, the AutoStopª level gauge/valve stops flow when the tank is full to prevent messy over-filling.

With seven models to choose from, an RVer can select a tank with a 12-, 18-, 27- or 35-gallon capacity. Top-of-the-line LX models have four wheels for easy maneuvering, a handle that makes towing easy and stows flat for storage, and a rinse hose.

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