Staytion Combination Suction Kit

All-in-One Kit Keeps Everything in Its Place ... and Saves Money

Combination Staytion™ includes these space-saving convenience products in one handy kit:

  • Storage Staytion™ – basket holds soap bottles, sponges, utensils and more
  • Toothbrush Staytion™ – neatly holds two toothbrushes securely
  • Bar Soap Staytion™- puts bar soap out of shower spray to extend life
  • Spray Staytion™ – holds shower head or hand sprayer so you can put spray head just where you want it
  • Hook Staytion™ - perfect for towels, clothes, and in the bathroom
  • Each product features:
    • Suction cups that stick to any smooth, non-porous surface
    • No adhesives or screws needed
    • Strong holding power up to 20 pounds (9.1 kg.)
    • Simple to use
    • Patented Red Line warning system: if the Staytion™ begins to lose suction, you’ll know in advance before anything falls. Simply push the button and it's secure!

Staytion Products Overview


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