A Freezer in a 2.7 Cubic-foot Unit. Believe It.

This unit makes the most of 2.7 cubic feet. The freezer compartment is perfect for ice cubes or frozen treats, and the top manual controls are easy to operate.

  • NEW and improved control panel with flip-open control cover
  • Adjustable thermostat responds to changes in ambient temperatures and varied uses
  • Convenient, eye-level controls are easy to operate
    • Piezo gas ignition and on-off switch
  • Contemporary design with ergonomic controls and latch
  • Flame current meter monitors gas ignition
Product Details
Dimensions & Weight
Height Width Depth
29-3/4 in: 75.6 cm 20-1/2 in: 52 cm 21-3/8 in: 54.3 cm
Carton Weight Net Weight
70 lbs.: 31.8 kg 61 lbs.: 27.7 kg
Interior Capacity
Interior Volume
2.7 cu. ft.: 76.5 l
Door Panel Dimensions
Height Width Depth
25-15/16 in: 65.8 cm 20-1/8 in: 51.1 cm 3/16 in: .47 cm
Amp Draw: N300 (305/306) Models
12 V/DC 120 V/AC LP Gas
-- 1.5 Yes
Amp Draw: N300.3 (305.3/306.3) Models
12 V/DC 120 V/AC LP Gas
12.0 1.5 Yes

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