Norcolder SCQT-4408F

A Complete Conversion Kit so You Can Upgrade Economically

This easy-to-use conversion kit allows you to convert up to a 6-cubic foot insulated ice box into an automatic electric refrigerator. Features include:

  • Single compressor and evaporator
  • Power Ventilation Package
  • Pre-charged copper tubing for convenient placement of compressor/power supply away from evaporator plate

SCQT4408F-L "L-shaped" Compressor Evaporator for up to 6 cu.ft. insulated ice box*

SCQT4408F-I "I-shaped" Compressor Evaporator for up to 3 cu.ft. insulated ice box. Depends on insulation thickness and desired minimum temperature.

Product Details
Compressor Height Compressor Width Compressor Depth
14.125″ 9.5″ 5.875″
Power Source
12/24VDC 120VAC

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