Sani-Con® Tank Buddy Systems

For use when permanent installation isn't possible

This model is no longer in production and has been replaced by Sani-Con® Turbo 300

The easiest, cleanest, most convenient way to empty a holding tank. Utilizing a heavy-duty transfer and macerating pump, the unit works much like a household garbage disposal; it grinds and liquefies black water waste, then pumps it through an extra heavy duty 1" diameter discharge hose.

    • Includes power leads with battery clamps, fused switch and bayonet cap. Uses 20-amp portable battery (not included).
    • Pump fastened inside box with 21' retractable discharge hose or 10' fixed length hose, sewer nozzle/cap, fuse and switch.
    • Carrying case included
Product Details
Sani-Con® Tank Buddy Systems
Tank Buddy Direct Hose Options
10' Fixed Length Hose 21' Retractable Hose



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