Spinflo Triplex

What a Delicious Idea: Cook Grill and Bake at the Same Time

The Triplex gives you maximum flexibility in the kitchen with features that include:

  • Three burners one grill and one oven burner
    • One for oven & one for grill
  • Reliable and simple controls
  • Hot inside max 60¡C outside
  • A variety of materials and finishes to choose from (glass knobs handles)
  • Reliable high-quality components
  • Easy to install
Product Details
Spinflo Triplex
Depth Width Height
19.3" : 49 cm 17.7" : 45 cm 18" : 46 cm
Capacity Weight
1.27 cu.ft.: 36 L 48 lbs.: 21.77 kg
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