Quick Tips for Prepping an RV’s Interior for the Season

While it’s important to maintain an RVs exterior, it’s also important to prepare the interior for the season ahead. With people spending a majority of time inside the rig, all areas should be clean and ready for use. Here are some tips and product suggestions from Thetford to make sure the inside sparkles just as much as the outside.

First, owners should sanitize the fresh water tank. As defined by the EPA, a sanitizer must kill 99.99% of bacteria in 60 seconds. “Fresh water tanks can be a breeding ground for bacteria,” said Mary Burrows, Thetford’s manager of chemical development. “To stop the bacteria from growing, the tank needs to be sanitized.”

While bleach can do the job, the taste and odor can be extremely difficult to remove. Thetford’s Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer sanitizes interior, hard, non-porous surfaces of water holding tanks without the lingering smell or taste of bleach. The non-corrosive formula sanitizes the plumbing lines as well as the inner walls of the fresh water tank. Owners first clean the tank with the provided detergent and rinse. Then, they simply finish with the sanitizer and the area is sanitized.

Then, it’s time to move to the kitchen and bathroom. Aqua-Clean is a safe and powerful product that easily cleans countertops, sinks, showers, tubs, toilets and practically anything else. It removes soap scum, iron stains and hard water deposits for sparkling results without damaging seals or scratching surfaces.

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