Tecma Heads to Boat Show Aboard Showtime Motoryacht

ANN ARBOR, Mich. Ð Only the world’s finest marine products were chosen to come aboard Showtime, a floating showcase displaying its wares at select East Coast boat shows. That’s why Tecma China Toilets from Thetford Marine were invited to take a seat on the elegant motoryacht.

Tecma’s advantages turned heads on its first outing. Upon its debut in June, at the American Superyacht Forum in Newport, Rhode Island, Showtime’s Jock West said, “Builders from Palmer Johnson to Feretti have been impressed that Showtime chose Tecma heads throughout. They have performed flawlessly and the installation was remarkably simple.”

With elegant European styling, Tecma China Toilets are powerful and efficient, yet virtually silent. The fine porcelain bowl is topped with a sturdy molded plastic seat and cover. Completely self-contained, there’s no need for unsightly external pumps or macerators. Using an efficient waste-transfer system, the holding tank can be discretely located elsewhere.

The turbine pump, capable of pumping 60 ft. with an 8 ft. rise, macerates immediately, pushing waste directly into the holding tank. Operation is easy with a wall-mounted, solid-state automatic flush control. Tecma’s ecologically-friendly design minimizes water consumption and waste water with a programmable water usage device.

Three Tecma models were installed on Showtime, a completely refitted 63′ classic Trumpy. For the crew head, the Easyfit China Toilet was chosen for its compact design and ability to fit various hull shapes. The guest head features the Tecma Silence with Bidet, an exclusive European model with a built-in manual bidet. The owner’s quarters are equipped with the top-of-the-line Tecma Silence Plus model.

Originally launched in 1969 as Sinbad, Showtime was most recently the centerpiece of the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York. She was completely refitted, bow to stern, in just 37 days by J&J Marine in Somerset, Massachusetts. The complete boat show schedule is posted at www.showtimeyacht.com.

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