Thetford Hosts Brian Brawdy and the GREEN RV

ANN ARBOR, Mich. Ð Owners of standard gravity sewer systems often experience leaking, smelly hoses and unreliable hose-to-dump station connections. Thetford’s newest premium sewer system, the SmartDrain, solves all of these problems because it was designed with the assistance of RV enthusiasts through years of research at parks and campgrounds.

SmartDrain is a complete system containing everything needed for a smarter, cleaner sewer solution. Included in the system is a long-lasting, 15′ SmartHose. Constructed from patent-pending ThermoLast, it’s ultra pliable and extremely temperature and UV-resistant. It’s also 46% more puncture resistant than standard sewer hoses and 2.6 times less likely to leak from abrasion.
With a non-metal polymer coil, users won’t have to worry about cracks, dents or rust. This hose shrinks to a mere 5′ for simple storage.

The SmartHose incorporates innovative SureLock fittings to provide fast, leak-proof connections with the nozzle. Constructed with industrial-grade metal cam-levers to tightly lock, the connections are similar to the ones on fire and industrial fuel hoses. The 90û nozzle fitting has a handle to keep users clean.

Also included with SmartDrain is a RV Valve Adapter, providing a quick connection to the SmartHose. Configured like a dial with four slots, the RV Valve Adapter tightly seals to the RV waste valve outlet. Featuring easy-to-grip handles, this RV Valve Adapter won’t break like traditional bayonet ears. It can be left on the hose for added convenience. SmartDrain’s end cap has a built-in tether to stay attached to the RV Valve Adapter as well.

SmartDrain features a Universal Sewer Fitting with handle for easy grip, ensuring a sanitary connection to the dump station. It’s compatible with 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ threaded sewer pipes and 3″ and 4″ press-fit sewer pipes, eliminating the need for weights to keep it in place during use.

Simple to store, SmartDrain’s hose ends lock together to prevent messes. The hose also fits into bumpers, ready for use when needed.

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