Thetford Introduces Four New Products at Dusseldorf Caravan Salon

ANN ARBOR, Mich. Ð Thetford Corporation, a leading supplier of sanitation and refrigeration products to the worldwide recreational vehicle (RV), marine and heavy-duty truck industries, introduced four new products for the European market at the recent Dusseldorf Caravan Salon in Germany.

One of EuropeÕs largest RV shows, the annual Dusseldorf show attracted 500 exhibitors representing vehicle builders, RV suppliers and the tourism industry. Thetford products on display at the show included:
A new line of contemporary kitchen stovesÑContinental Range;
A new and improved Cassette ToiletÑthe C-250;
A unique caravan door for improved occupant safety, and
A frameless, space-saving refrigerator door.
ÒWe were thrilled to showcase so many exciting, new products at this yearÕs event,Ó said Jack Tierney, ThetfordÕs president and CEO. ÒThese products will strengthen ThetfordÕs reputation as a leader in new and innovative products and technology for the RV market.Ó

The companyÕs all-new line of Continental Range stoves are made by Spinflo, a Thetford company in England that manufactures high-quality cooking and heating appliances. The Continental Range includes a Basic Line of cooking appliances for the mid-market segment and a Top Line of stoves for the luxury market.

ÒSpinfloÕs new line of cooking appliances offers a contemporary and functional design, allowing for an optimal use of space and convenient clean-up,Ó Tierney noted. ÒThe functionality of the Continental Range will appeal to a wide variety of customers.Ó

Thetford, known as the inventor of the world-famous Porta PottiTM, also displayed its new C-250 cassette toilet, a successor to the C-200–ThetfordÕs permanent, swivel-bowl toilet for caravans and motor homes. The C-250 has a modern design and several new features, including improved seating comfort, a user-friendly control panel and a portable waste-holding tank with built-in wheels and pull-out handle.

The C-250 also comes with several options, including an electric valve blade, an automatic ventilator and a unique pump-out system for waste products.

In addition, Thetford introduced a new line of entrance doors for RVs at the Dusseldorf show (August 24-September 2). The Thetford Caravan Door is designed to increase vehicle and occupant safety. Special features include a durable design, a unique three-point lock, a fixed window with double-glazing and a large, ergonomic handle.

Another Thetford product introduced at the show was a new space-saving frameless refrigerator door. The door is designed for ThetfordÕs Deluxe and Premium LCD lines of absorption refrigerators.

ÒWhat makes this door so unique is that it is a curved door with no visible frame,Ó Tierney noted. ÒThe refrigerator has a stylish, modern look that would fit nicely in any kitchen.Ó

The introduction of new products and technology during slow market periods requires a long-term commitment to the industry, according to Tierney.

ÒWe are committed to continue our leadership position by bringing innovation and value to the industry,Ó he said. ÒThetford invests more than six percent of its annual revenues in Europe and North America in product development. We also continue to invest in lean-manufacturing processes to improve quality and partially offset the significant inflation the company and industry have seen over the past few years.Ó

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