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  • 1963 - First Slide-Action Valve for RV holding tanks

    Thetford Engineering is founded in Thetford Township garage near Flint, Michigan. Unhappy with the stock black water drain valve on their RV, Frank Sargent and his two sons design the First Slide-Action Valve for RV holding tanks.

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    1967 - Thetford® introduces Aqua-Soft® and Aqua-Kem®

    After successfully launching the new RV toilet line, the company starts focusing on two new products made specifically for holding tanks. 1967 brings the first toilet tissue specifically-made for RVs, Aqua-Soft®, and the first concentrated RV holding tank treatment, Aqua-Kem®.

  • 1968 - 1970 - Porta Potti® and Aqua-Magic RV® toilets revealed

    Between 1968 and 1970, the Thetford team works on two new projects that would later on turn into two of the most iconic product lines for the company and the RV industry: the Porta Potti®, first two-piece, hand-carried portable toilet, and the first all-polypropylene permanent RV toilet, what today is the Aqua-Magic® VI.

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    1964 - 1966 - First low profile RV toilet and first Water Saving Hand Sprayer

    In just a few years from designing the valve, Sargent and his sons bring even more innovation to the RV industry by developing the first low profile RV toilet, the first Water Saving Hand Spray Attachment for RV toilets, and the first low-water-use RV toilet.

  • 1990 - First battery-powered portable toilet

    1990 marks a new first for the company and the camping scene, with the introduction of the Porta Potti® Electric, the first battery-powered portable toilet. Over the years, the Electric evolves into what is known today as the Porta Potti® 565E, a sleek portable toilet with integrated toilet tissue compartment and level indicators for both freshwater and waste water tanks.

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    1997 - Thetford® acquires Norcold®

    After over 30 years of innovation in the RV sanitation segment, Thetford® to enrich the product offering and to expand to other sections of the camping lifestyle. The opportunity came in 1997, when Norcold®, of the biggest RV refrigeration manufacturers, joined the Thetford® family.

  • 2016 - B&B Molders® and Protect All® join the Thetford family

    2016 brings two new manufactures under the Thetford umbrella: Protect All®, producing professional grade cleaners, protectant and lubricants for RVers and power sports enthusiasts, and B&B Molders®, a manufacturer of high-quality, plastic injection-molded products since 1963.

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    2016 - Titan® RV sewer hoses are launched

    After almost two years of researching, designing, and testing, Thetford® announces its revolutionary new sewer hose system. The team realized campers needed a hose that's tough and can take a beating or two and created Titan®, a puncture and abrasion-resistant sewer hose that would last for years.

  • 2020 - AQUAbio™ and Aqua MAX®

    Following in the footsteps of Aqua-Kem® is not an easy feat. However, the Thetford® team embraced the challenge and developed two eco-friendly, California-compliant RV holding tank treatments: AQUAbio™ and Aqua MAX®

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    2021 - Titan® Totes are revealed

    2021 comes with an entire line of new products. Following the success of the Titan RV Sewer Hoses, Thetford® launches the Titan® Totes, a new generation of durable portable waste tanks, ready to use right out of the box and available in 3 sizes, with both 2 and 4 wheels.

  • 2022 - Thetford® introduces Aqua-Magic® VI

    2022 brings the much-anticipated Aqua-Magic® VI. The lightweight RV toilet comes with residential-sized slow close seat and cover and the deepest toilet bowl available for RVs.


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