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On Aqua-Kem Holding Tank Deodorant

“Hello. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we like your products.

“We recently purchased a 30′ Fleetwood pull-behind camper. A small bottle of your Aqua-Kem waste water treatment was included in our starter kit. We used the bottle (up) on our first trip and it did its job with no problems. However, it wasn’t until our second trip – when we had to use a different brand – that we realized just how great it really worked.

“The Aqua-Kem worked so much better with absolutely no odor while in use or at the dump station. We are so pleased with your product we don’t want anything else. Now if you would tell us where we could find it, we would like to stock up before our next trip.”

On Thetford/Norcold Customer Service

“I called your customer service line today due to a minor but important trouble with an Aqua-Magic IV I’ve recently purchased. I had no idea with whom I’d be dealing, and (I) face such calls with some trepidation because I seem to have to place more of them as time goes past and because so few generate any positive results. America has a bad case of the ‘I-don’t-give-a-damnitis.’

“Imagine how pleased I was when one of your personnel (Barbara) told me that Thetford would take care of the problem, that I’d have to call back with some numbers and where to find them. I did, and on my second call spoke with Deborah, who did quickly, professionally and cheerfully resolve the issue.

“Thank you, Thetford, for employing good people and backing them up with an obviously good set of corporate policies and attitudes. You may produce toilet stuff, but you are a breath of refreshingly fresh air.”

“I would just like to say your customer support personnel are very helpful and I want to thank you for the support they provided me.”

“I am writing this letter to commend one of your service representatives… I have owned numerous Norcold refrigerators in both RV’s and boats and have had prior dealings…regarding replacement parts…and I can say that I have always been satisfied with the service.”

“I want you to know how much we appreciate the extra effort that you went to see our problem resolved. A large number of the companies that have their products inside our fifth-wheel do not seem to care about resolving problems a consumer might have. Thank goodness Thetford and Fleetwood have shown us they believe in going the extra step. Have a great day and once again, Thank you.”

On Premium Bug Bust

“The bugs we have at this time of the year are well glued to any surface. I used Thetford Premium Bug Bust on the nose of my fifth wheel and I was amazed by the results. After letting (it) set for a minute or two, the bugs, along with the grime, came right off of the surface with a clean cloth. This appears to be an excellent product.”

“I have a 1989 Class C motor home that had all of last year’s bugs on it. The product, Bug Bust, is great. It cleaned off all the bugs, as well as all the dirt above the cab and under the sleep section. All the bugs and the dirt just came off without any heavy rubbing. This is a great product that does what it says.”

“An easy application from spray bottle with great cleaning abilities. Very satisfied with this product as it does a great job of cleaning. I was very impressed…”

“Easy removal of bugs and ‘love bugs’ and I still have shine on my motor-home after its use. (Louisiana has more than its share of ‘love bugs’).”

“Easy to use; removes even baked-on bugs in one application; doesn’t leave any film or scum.”

“In frustration (while) trying to clean our fireplace glass doors of soot and residue, I grabbed Bug Bust. Sprayed it on and they cleaned up easier and faster than any product we have used yet – (it’s) a Bonus Cleaner!”

On Aqua-Clean

“I had some hard water build-up on my stool and around the sink…all I did was squeeze (it) on and let sit…I had hardly any scrubbing to do. I clean the sink and it seems to stay cleaner longer.”

“P.S. – Great! (It) took water spots off sink faucets.”

On Sani-Con System

“I had a Sani-Con installed about six weeks ago and want you to know that it is a marvel. It is so easy, fast and convenient. I previously used a Sewer Solution for three years but I would not go back. Another excellent product from Thetford that makes my motor-homing more enjoyable.”

On Porta Potti

“We have used your Porta Potti for years in our VW vans, used it to toilet train our kids and dragged it to Europe as a piece of luggage for ed when we used it as an emergency snow shovel. We were stuck in snow on the downhill side of an unpaved high mountain pass in Nevada… The lid only cracked near the end of several hours of shoveling.”

“We have taped the crack, but would like to replace the lid and restore our dear Potti back to good health. Our Potti… is one of your wonderful products.”

Porta Potti - Trucking

“The Porta Potti has made a believer out of me. Shortly after I bought it, I found myself stuck in rush hour, needing to go…with no place to go. Luckily I had a Porta Potti. Just that one emergency and I was sold.

“And, my girlfriend is more likely to travel with me now that I have one. She doesn’t have to get out and use the bathroom at an unsafe stop.”

On the Porta Potti Cassette Toilet

“We recently purchased a new Coleman folding camper, equipped with a Thetford C4 cassette toilet.

“Just to let you know, we think your cassette toilet design is a remarkably convenient and functional system that brings one of the comforts of home to outdoor camping.”

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