4-Wheel Titan® Totes

The ultimate portable waste water tanks, offering larger capacities and a sewer hose that can remain attached to the tank for faster, more sanitary use.

Includes: Titan® sewer hose with end cap, and sewer elbow.


  • Horizontal empty – no need to tip tank on end.
  • AutoStop™ Level Gauge - prevents overfill and improves venting for faster tank emptying
  • Large washout port for easy rinsing
  • Integrated side handles allow for easy maneuvering and strapping to ladder mount systems
  • Rugged, heavy-duty wheels
  • Corner outlet for fast, thorough drainage
  • Includes Titan® RV sewer hose with end cap
  • Sturdy tow handle that hooks to trailer hitch for maximum maneuverability.

Choose from the following models:

  • 40952 Titan® Tote 4-Wheel - 35 Gallon
  • 40951 Titan® Tote 4-Wheel - 27 Gallon
  • 40950 Titan® Tote 4-Wheel - 21 Gallon

Dealer and Service

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