Sani-Con® Turbo 300

Portable Tank Buddy

System components

  • Sani-Con® Turbo 300 assembly - with OT (over-temperature) protected pump
  • Hose and nozzle assembly with nozzle caps
  • 2 Aligator clips to connect a 12 V battery (battery not included)
  • 35 AMP fuse
  • Storage case
  • Quick connect wire (optional for pre-wire installs)

Where to install it?

Sani-Con® Turbo 300 is designed to work on all RV types, but will be especially useful on travel trailers where a permanent installation on the sewer outlet is not possible.

Campers in this category have sewer outlets mounted under the body but have no room for a permanent installation of the macerating pump. The "Tank Buddy" comes with its own handy storage box, allowing users to safely store it after use.

How does it work?

Model 300 requires minimal set-up time, it hooks to any 12 V power supply and reduces the risk of messy discharges. The "Tank Buddy" comes fully assembled, only requiring a few steps to get the waste evacuation process started:

Step 1: Remove the system from storage box

Step 2: Remove the cap and connect the pump to the sewer outlet

Step 3: Make sure the switch on the pump is set to "off" and connect the wires to a power source

Step 4: Remove the cap and connect the nozzle to the dumping station

Step 5: Open the black water valve

Step 6: Turn on the macerating pump

Step 7: When the black water tank is empty the pump will start sounding different

Step 8: Turn off the pump and close the black water tank valve

Step 9: Empty the grey water tank to help rinse the system

Step 10: Disconnect the nozzle from the dumping station and the pump from the sewer outlet, replace the caps and return the Sani-Con® Turbo in its Storage Box.

How to install and use Sani-Con® Turbo 300:

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