Sani-Con® Turbo 500S

Permanent Direct Mount

System components

  • Sani-Con® Turbo 500S - with OT (over-temperature) protected pump
  • Hose and nozzle assembly with nozzle caps
  • Rubber coupling with clamps
  • 35 AMP fuseSwitch box assembly
  • Switch box assembly
  • Electrical connectors (2)
  • Hanger strap
  • Pipe hanger
  • 1/4" Bolt and nut

Where to install it?

Sani-Con® Turbo 500S often fits 5th wheels travel trailers and was designed as a permanent solution for campers with a sewer outlet below the RV.

The system includes the powerful macerating pump, an on-off switch, a 21' extendable hose and universal nozzle. While the pump is permanently installed on the sewer outlet, the hose and nozzle are easily stored in a compartment or in the optional storage box.

How does it work?

To evacuate waste from holding tanks:

Step 1: Remove the cap and connect the nozzle to the dumping station

Step 2: Open the black water valve

Step 3: Turn on the macerating pump

Step 4: When the black water tank is empty the pump will start sounding different

Step 5: Turn off the pump and close the black water tank valve

Step 6: Empty the gray tank to rinse the system

Step 7: Disconnect the nozzle, replace the cap and return the Sani-Con® Turbo in the storage bay

How to install and use Sani-Con® Turbo 500S:

Sani-Con Turbo 500S pump dimensions
Product Details
Sani-Con® Turbo 500S Pump Dimensions
6" 7-3/8" 6"

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Sani-Con Turbo. RV Waste Evacuation System


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