Sani-Con® Turbo 700

Inline waste evacuation system

System components

  • Sani-Con Turbo 700 assembly - with OT (over-temperature) protected pump
  • Hose and nozzle assembly with nozzle caps
  • On/ Off switch

Where to install it?

This is an OEM-installed only system, integrated into the plumbing, delivering the industry’s most-convenient, fastest and most-sanitary waste evacuation method available.  This unique, new product dramatically improves what RVers say is the worst part of their RV lifestyle.

The reliable, trouble-free macerating pump has been used on marine macerating toilets for years. Model 700 can evacuate a 40-gallon tank of water in 50 seconds and has a sound level of 70 dB during operation.

The compact 1,5" diameter hose extends to 21', eliminating the need for messy connections, while the versatile discharge nozzle fits six dump station inlet sizes, including a garden hose extensions.

How does it work?

The inline aspect of the system allows for an easy and fast waste evacuation. The process requires almost no effort at all and can be done by following a few easy steps:

Step 1: Remove the cap and connect the nozzle to the dumping station

Step 2: Open the black water valve

Step 3: Turn on the macerating pump

Step 4: When the black water tank is empty, the pump will start sounding different

Step 5: Turn off the pump and close the black water tank valve

Step 6: Empty the grey water tank to give the whole system a rinse

Step 7: Disconnect the nozzle, replace the cap and return the Sani-Con Turbo in the storage compartment

Thetford Sani-Con Turbo - The White Glove Test

Sani-Con Turbo. RV Waste Evacuation System


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