Titan® RV Sewer Hose Support

Thetford’s new Titan® RV Sewer Hose Support offer a simple, effective solution to protect and support your sewer hose from the RV to the dump port.

The (5) graduated 24” sections, which support up to 15 feet of hose, are made of a durable poly material and are ready to use out of the box with not small parts to lose.

The quick easy set-up is suited for all terrains, from grass to gravel. The supports are stackable, washable and stowable in the convenient storage bag.


  • Stackable
  • All-Terrain
  • Versatile supports for up to 15-ft of RV Sewer Hose allowing better drainage
  • Durable Poly Construction
  • Compatible with Titan® Sewer Hose Systems and other hoses
  • Easy Set-Up & Flexible Adjustment
  • Ready to use, no small parts to lost
  • Quick & Simple Tear-Down
  • Stowable in the enclosed storage bag
  • Washable with no rusting parts
  • 5 Graduated 24’ Sections Configure to Support up to 15-ft of Sewer Hose

Titan® RV Sewer Hose Support


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