How to prepare your RV for winter

Winter is just around the corner. With temperatures dropping and roads becoming harder to navigate, it’s probably time to prepare your RV for storage.

Here are a few helpful tricks for getting your rig ready for winter:


Start with a clean RV outside – top to bottom. A dirt-free roof means you won’t have those hard-to-remove streaks on the sides of your camper later. Cleaning also makes removing wintertime accumulation of dirt, tree sap, and bird droppings a lot easier in the spring.

This is a good time to clean your awning before putting your rig away. Using Thetford’s UltraFoam RV Awning Cleaner takes the worry of leaf stains and other unsightly soils from becoming set into the fabric. An easy way to tackle the dirt is to spray the awning with UltraFoam RV Awning Cleaner, roll it up, wait 30 minutes, unroll it and rinse. Let the awning unrolled to air dry before stowing it for the season.

Next, wash the sides of your coach with Thetford Premium RV Care Wash & Wax. For an extra layer of protection – and for a faster washdown next time you take out your RV, follow up with a protective coat of a good quality wax, like Thetford’s Premium RV Wax.

Our RV Wax leaves a long-lasting mirror bright finish and is safe for gel-coat fiberglass painted aluminum.  And guess what?! It has a UV blocker and won’t harm or fade decals.

By now, you should have reached the final items on your cleaning list, before moving to the inside of your RV: the tires and wheels.  Our ProtectAll All-Surface Care is a unique four-in-one product that polishes, waxes, treats and protects!  This saves you time and effort compared to other multiple-wax component systems. All-Surface Care can be used on aluminum, rubber, chrome, stainless steel and more.


Take the time to give your interior one last good cleaning, sweeping up floors and getting rid of any trash.

Use Thetford’s UltraFoam Aqua-Clean to safely clean your bathroom sinks, shower, and toilets as well as giving the kitchen sink and countertops a good cleaning.

Aqua-Foam RV Toilet Cleaner is great for removing any mineral deposits around that waste seal that can damage the seal and cause the bowl to lose water, and will also clean the bowl nicely, ensuring you won’t have dried hard water spots when you take your RV out at the beginning of the season.

If you feel some scrubbing might be appropriate, make sure you’re using a soft fiber brush, like Thetford’s Soft Swab Toilet Brush.

Once you’ve dumped and rinsed holding tanks and emptied all water lines and drains, use RV antifreeze as directed in your owner’s manual to prevent costly damage to your RV’s plumbing system.

Be sure to add Thetford Toilet Seal Lubricant and Conditioner to the RV antifreeze in your toilet bowl to keep the seal flexible so it holds water and keeps holding tank odors out of your bathroom. Remember – don’t use petroleum-based products or vegetable oils to lubricate your toilet seal. These products will cause the seal to swell up and malfunction in time.

Now is also a good time to add Thetford’s Storage Deodorant to your black and grey tanks to keep them fresh for next season. Thetford Storage Deodorant is fully compatible with RV antifreeze and also contains drain valve lubricant to help keep drain valves in good working condition. It’s also great to use in your portable waste tank to help keep it fresh!

Until next time!

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