Sani-Con Turbo Installation

Newmar Essex, Sani-Con Turbo Installation

I mounted the unit above the factory gate valves but below the holding tanks. This installation leaves room for the hose and access to the bottom of the Sani-Con. There is a small drain valve on the first clear elbow just above the floor access hole to drain the feed hose for servicing the Turbo or to use the 3” gravity hose. The Turbo works perfectly, a real improvement over the older model.

We have been using Sani-Con pumps in our RV’s for many years so, when the Turbo was announced we had to have one. The installation went smoothly as the Turbo has 4 input ports that made hook up easy. The operation is fast and quiet and has enough hose to reach most sewers. A real improvement over the standard SaniCon and light years ahead of the old bulky 3” gravity hose.


Thanks Thetford! Chuck and Karen S.

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