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How do I change the foot pedal on my Style II?

When I'm on the road, how do I find a service shop to repair my RV toilet?

Refer to the the list of authorized service centers on our website.

What do I do if my toilet bowl doesn't hold water?

This may take a little investigation on your part. If the toilet is new and has never held water, the closet bolts mounting the toilet to the floor might have been over tightened. If this is the case, simply loosen the closet bolt nuts.

If the toilet doesn’t hold water, there may be debris (toilet paper) trapped in the front groove where the blade slides into and is approximately 1.5 inches. A special tool to clean the groove is available from Thetford and various dealerships.

If this doesn’t correct the problem on the Aqua-Magic Aurora, Galaxy and Starlite models, you may need to repair or replace the Flushing Mechanism or, depending on its age, replace the toilet. On the Aqua-Magic IV, you may need to replace the Blade Seal.

Water constantly runs or drips into my toilet's bowl. What should I do?

Within about 10 seconds after flushing the bowl will normally fill from 1-2 inches to provide a “water barrier.”

If the bowl continues to fill with water, the water valve is leaking and should be replaced.

What is the cause of a leak behind my toilet after flushing?

Generally, the cause is the toilet’s Vacuum Breaker.
For Aqua-Magic Aurora, Galaxy and Starlite, repair or replace the Vacuum Breaker. For Aqua-Magic IV, replace the Water Valve.

What does the Vacuum Breaker do?

The Vacuum Breaker is essentially a check valve or anti-siphon device, which allows water to only flow one way. It is a plumbing standards code requirement that a Vacuum Breaker must be on all toilets. This prevents waste water from siphoning back into your fresh water.

How do I remove my RV toilet from the floor?

Start by turning off the water supply to the toilet (see your vehicle owner’s manual for detailed instructions).

The Aqua-Magic Galaxy and Starlite models are mounted to the floor with two closet bolts and nuts. One is located behind the foot pedal and is easily accessed by depressing the foot pedal. Remove the 1/2 inch nut. The other closet bolt is located behind the toilet. To locate it, lift up the seat and cover and remove the access hole cover located on top of the hopper. Using a 12-inch extension with a universal and a 1/2 inch deep-well socket, remove rear nut. Disconnect the fresh water supply line and lift toilet straight up.

For Aqua-Magic IV, disconnect the water supply line from the water valve located on the rear of the toilet. Remove the nuts from the closet flange bolts located on each side of the toilet. Carefully lift and remove the toilet from the closet flange.

Consult your Thetford Permanent Toilet Owner’s Manual for more detailed instructions and illustrations.

How do I remove my Aqua-Magic IV seat and cover?

The seat and cover must be replaced at the same time.

With the seat and cover in an upright position, quickly push toward the back wall and the hinges will pop out. If the toilet has been installed too close to the wall, it may be necessary to remove the toilet (see the question above and your toilet Owner’s Manual for instructions).

To reinstall, place the new seat and cover in an upright position and push in as you push down towards the bowl. The hinges will snap into place.

What should I use to clean my RV Toilet?

Your toilet, sinks and showers should all be cleaned in the same way: We recommend using a soft sponge or cloth and a high-grade, non-abrasive cleaner such as Thetford’s Aqua-Clean.

Do not use a highly-concentrated or high-acid content household cleaner, nor those containing abrasives, such as a scouring powder. They may damage the seals or plastic parts of the toilet, along with the seals on your dump valves.

What do I do when I have a warranty claim?

For parts and/or service – including those under warranty – contact a local Thetford Certified Service Center (CSC) or an RV Dealer.

Under the Warranty Program, Thetford replaces or repairs toilets and/or parts, and reimburses for warranty labor.

Where is the ID Label located?

On Aqua-Magic Aurora, Galaxy and Starlite models, it’s located behind the seat. Best visual access is gained by lifting the seat and lid about halfway up.

On Aqua-Magic IV and Electra-Magic models, the ID Label is located on the center front below the rim of the toilet.

Permanent Toilet - ID Labels | Thetford Corporation

I have a part number, how do I know which toilet that represents?

Use the handy spreadsheet below. It lists the toilet models and their OEM, Distributor and Rack part numbers.

Can I use Vaseline (petroleum-based product) to lubricate the seal?

No, it will cause the seal to further deteriorate. We suggest use of a toilet seal lubricant or drain valve lubricant to lubricate the seal.

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