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What is a Thetford portable toilet?

Thetford Porta Pottis are two-piece, fresh-water flush toilets that conveniently travel anywhere a toilet is needed. They are easy-to-carry, completely self-contained, sanitary, odorless, leak proof, and hold their own fresh water supply for flushing.

Where can Porta Pottis be used?

The simple answer: wherever one is needed. In fact, portable toilets have a multitude of uses – probably many more than you may have imagined. Of course, they’re commonly used for leisure-related activities: in vans and van conversions; boats; camp sites; in cabins and cottages; on hunting trips; and with RV’s (smaller models, pop-ups, or as a second toilet for larger RV’s). But they’re also ideal for: toilet training children; construction sites; bedside; over-the-road, long-haul trucks; emergency situations; and locations where there is a shortage of water and/or power.

How does a Porta Potti work?

Actually, a Porta Potti is quite simple to use. Its top section includes the seat, cover, bowl, flushing bellows and fresh water tank. The bottom section is an odor and gas-tight detachable waste holding tank. The two sections are held together by a locking latch, enabling the entire unit to be hand-carried as one piece or each section to be carried separately.Thus, the Porta Potti goes wherever a toilet is needed. And, since it carries its own fresh water for flushing, you needn’t worry about using it where water is scarce. Depending on the model, a Porta Potti will average between 27-62 fresh-water flushes between emptyings. When the lower tank is full, simply separate the sections, take the bottom section to any conventional toilet and empty it there.

How do I repair my Porta Potti's flushing bellows?

Before removing the old part, be sure to purchase the replacement bellows that’s right for your Porta Potti model. Comprehensive instructions for removal of the old part and installation of the new part come with the new bellows.

What should I use to clean my Porta Potti?

We recommend you use Thetford’s Aqua-Clean®, a high-grade, non-abrasive cleaner, and a soft sponge or cloth. Do not use a highly-concentrated or high-acid content household cleaner, nor those containing abrasives, such as a scouring powder. They’ll scratch the surface of your Porta Potti, diminishing its looks, and also could hamper its performance by damaging the valve seal or plastic parts.

What do I do when I have a warranty claim?

For Porta Potti parts and/or service – including those under warranty – contact a local Thetford Certified Service Center (CSC), a RV or a Marine Dealer. Or, call Thetford’s Customer Service Department for information at 1-800-543-1219. Under the Warranty Program, Thetford replaces or repairs toilets and/or parts, and reimburses for warranty labor.

Where is the ID Label located?

ID Labels are found by separating the two sections of the Porta Potti. Identical ID Labels are located on both the inside of the top and bottom sections.

What do I do when I have a warranty claim?

Either contact us or browse Warranty Information in our Service Center.

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