Sanitation Products FAQ



What's so different about my RV plumbing?

RV toilets use a small amount of water during flushing

– Only 1 qt of water is used for flushing, opposed to 1.6 gallons used by a home toilet

Holding tank holds waste for several days – it’s not a mini septic tank

Major challenges:

– Deodorizing the RV waste holding tank

– Keeping the holding tank clean

– Treating super-concentrated waste

Which deodorant product should I use?

It’s a matter of personal preference – based on what you’re looking for.

If you seek unsurpassed deodorant performance – even in extreme weather conditions – and superior waste digestion, top-selling Aqua-Kem is your choice! Aqua-Kem is available in toss-ins and pre-measured 2 oz. foil packages. Our certified-green and environmentally friendly option is the incomparable EcoSmart line of holding tank deodorants.

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