Easier than pumping gas!

System Holding Tank Emptying System with Macerating Pumps - the cleanest, most sanitary and convenient way to empty your RV holding tank!

Finally, a way to empty your holding tanks (unquestionably the most distasteful job in RVing) that everyone in the family will find easy to use.

Thetford’s Sani-Con System does not rely on gravity.

Utilizing a heavy-duty transfer and macerating pump, the unit works much like a household garbage disposal … it grinds and liquefies black water waste*, then pumps it through an extra heavy duty 1” diameter discharge hose.

The powerful macerating pump can pump waste UP terrain, UP into a backyard sewer cleanout, UP into a household toilet, UP into an elevated sewer dump station, etc. No need for a constant slope or cumbersome hose supports. That means less handling and an easier method to empty the tanks.

Sani-Con features a long-lasting 1” discharge hose that stretches up to 21 feet, then retracts to a convenient 7 feet to save storage space — more than 80%!!

At the end of the hose is an easy-to-use threaded nozzle that is designed to fit securely (lock) into a variety of dump station inlets, keeping you clean and ending the need for additional adaptors.

The nozzle has a screw on cap that really keeps the entire operation easy and clean. The cap prevents drips and spills during storage, making the unit more sanitary and less odorous than the old style 3" diameter sewer hoses.

Available in both the “ready to dump when you are” permanently installed (hard wired to the coach) model and portable (Twist-On and Tank Buddy) models.

*human waste, liquids and toilet tissue ONLY.

To use the system:
  • Connect the macerating pump (Twist-On and Tank Buddy only)
  • Extend and insert the nozzle into the dump station
  • Open the black water slide valve
  • Turn on the Sani-Con pump
  • When the black water tank is empty, turn off the pump, close the black water slide valve, open the grey water slide valve, and turn the pump back on
  • When the gray water tank is empty, turn off the pump, close the gray water slide valve, put the screw on cap onto the nozzle and return the nozzle and hose to storage

Sani-Con® TurboSani-Con Turbo

In-Line Waste Evacuation System

This manufacturer-installed system, integrated with the plumbing, delivers the industry’s most convenient, fastest and most sanitary waste evacuation method available.

  • Pump can evacuate a 40-gallon tank of water in 50 seconds
  • Compact 1.5” diameter retractable hose extends to 21’

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Twist-On Systems Browse RV Sanicon Products

Direct Twist-On System with Patented Gray Water Bypass

  • 21' retractable discharge hose with sewer nozzle and cap. Wiring included.
  • 90° Twist-On System
  • 21' retractable discharge hose with sewer nozzle and cap. Wiring included.

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Box Mount Systems Sanicon Products - Thetford

Box Mount System with Removable Inlet Hose and Patented Gray Water Bypass

3” x 24” inlet, 21’ retractable discharge hose with threaded nozzle and cap. Wiring included.

Have a basement in your RV? Then you’ll want the “ready to dump when you are,” permanently installed Box Mount System. The benefits of permanently installed systems are: ready to dump when you are, saves time by avoiding connecting and disconnecting a regular 3" diameter sewer hose.

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Tank Buddy Systems

RV Sanicon ProductsPortable Tank Buddy 21' Retractable Hose

Toolbox system connects to dump valve via 3" x 21" sewer hose. Pump fastened inside box with 21' retractable discharge hose, sewer nozzle/cap, fuse and switch.

Portable Tank Buddy 10' Fixed Hose

Toolbox system connects to dump valve via included 3" x 21" sewer hose. 10' fixed length discharge hose, sewer nozzle/cap, fuse and switch.

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